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5 people you need to know in Corona era

This Coronavirus has forced us to be in the house, 24*7. We are aware of many things which are happening around us. We read the news like many have lost their lives, or the vaccine is yet not discovered or migrants are forced to walk for days?

And sometimes, many positive and strong gestures which were showed by people often got dissolve in the pyramids of information.

The stories of these people are going to make your day better because this is the spirit we need in this time of the global pandemic.

1. Sarojini Das

There is a famous quote by John Ruskin- A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.

It is proved right by 75 years old Sarojani Das from Odisha.

She donated five thousand to Chief Minister relief fund for their fight against CoronaVirus. It is very important to note that she does begging to make a livelihood for herself.

She has made many contributions apart from this CMRF donation. She is known for her selfless donations.

2. Zahid Abdul Majeed

Being a frontline fighter against this virus, you put a lot of things at stake.

Zahid Abdul, a native of Anantnag and currently working in Delhi AIIMS has done something which should be applauded and appreciated.

He literally took off his protect gears to save a critical coronavirus patient while moving him from Ambulance to ICU. He was observing Roza (fasting) at that time.

The Hippocratic oath says I swear to fulfil, to the best of my ability and judgment., which is proved right by Zahid.

3. Rommel Lalmuangsana

Rommel is just 7 years old from Mizoram and he is literally proving this statement right. “Age is Just A Number: Maturity's What Really Matters”

7 years old Rommel donated his entire saving which was 333 rupees to COVID task force in his village Kolasib Venglai.

Seriously, age is just a number.

4. Baba Karnail Singh Khaira

At national highway 7, Baba Karnail Singh of Karanji, Maharashtra was serving meals to everyone who passed from that stretch since the lockdown announced. “Guru ka Langar”, which is linked with Historic gurudwara Bhagod Sahib of Wai through where at least 20 lakh people and animals are fed. Khaira baba’s team of 17 Sewaks and him served the hot piping meal non-stoppingly to everyone.

5. Shahnawaz Shaikh

31 years old, car lover Shahnawaz Shaikh has shown a tremendous amount of passion for the humankind. He sold his premium numbered Ford Endeavour which was his prized possession for saving innocent lives.

One day, he was informed about his friend’s sister demise. She was denied bed at 5 hospitals. Shahnawaz came to know that oxygen cylinder could have saved her life. After that, he decided to forgo his car to buy cylinders. And, he donated these cylinders to patients.

There are not just 5 people but more than lakhs who have proved that humanity is still yet intact. These kind gestures give everyone hope to fight and continue to live. These small stories are the remainder in this time to give more and more. It is love and kindness which push us to thrive and survive at the end of the day.

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