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5 Things you can do for Mental Peace

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Life during a pandemic is not easy for many of us but adopting and following some habits can really help you. There are few things you can do to lower your stress and anxiety level and of course for a healthy and productive lifestyle.


If you really need a change in your attitude towards life then you should have to stick with a habit of meditation. Of Course, it is not easy in the beginning but this is also not as tough as it sounds. There are no strict rules or fixed techniques for doing meditation. You can do it anywhere or anytime according to your comfort. Regularity is the most important thing in meditation, you have to be regular with it, you have to make a chain.


Many people think that - how can yoga improve your mental health? but do you know that during yoga, your brain releases all sorts of chemicals that not only help you relax but also lower your stress? Yoga postures, known as asanas, help ease the physical discomfort that is caused by anxiety, it calms the mind and it even improves patience. There are several yoga postures which can lower your stress like :

  • Corpse pose or Savasana

  • Balasana or Child Pose

  • Vajrasana

  • Vriksasana

  • Padmasana


Did you know that reading can boost your cognitive health and help to keep stress away? We all are social creatures, and fiction helps us to relate with the characters and understand their struggles which in turn helps increase empathy. Various brain tests prove that readers are more likely to have lower stress levels and higher self-esteem. So, go and take out your favorite book and start reading it.


Never minimize your value, never curse yourself, just NEVER !! You should have to believe in yourself before you want anybody else to believe in you. Nobody is perfect but everyone is trying to improve themselves. You need to work on yourself if you are lacking inner confidence. This takes time, but the rewards are worth it. Just take care of yourself and of course LOVE YOURSELF :)

Let it go:

Every moment is a chance to let go and feel peaceful. Nothing lasts long, so everyone should have to adopt an attitude of letting go for their own self

Be strong, be kind, and find your own way in life.

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