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What's in the age- Child Prodigy

Painting Prodigy

A child prodigy is not born every day, there are just a few kids who have such artistic traits.

In Ehsaas - Episode 12: Story of a Painting Prodigy we introduce you to an artist Aarav Verma.

He is truly one of a kind child. At the age of 3 he started understanding and creating art which is not a normal thing at all, he is terrific at what he does. His thought process is completely different from other kids of his age, he isn't enamoured by toys but he inclines more towards the art. He is blessed with art and it came his way in a very natural form.

He creates his art in the form of painting and sculptures. He has almost created more than 500 paintings, each painting having a different kind of thought and uniqueness, only visible for the artistic eyes for others it's just a painting but the people who understand the aesthetic of his art pieces, for them it's an incredible piece of work. If you want to understand the art then you have to feel the art, understand its depth. Art is an observation, you have to observe it, only then you will be able to understand the deeper emotions of art.

He plays with colors in such a quirky way, his colour combination is just inimitable. His creativity, his imagination, his observation, his perfection is just tremendous.

In the beginning, no one was aware of his talent, according to him he was just playing with colors and that’s it. But who knew that this genius child will win the World Child Prodigy Award.

Later on, his parents recognized his talent and decided to support him which not only earned him a name at the National Level but also at International Level.

A Taran Arora Film

Director of Photography: Saket Wahane

Camera: Dipanker Kumar

Production: Ruchi Roy, Dimple Lydia, Taran Arora

Post Production: Taran Arora, Vaibhav Chowdhry, Pravin Basnet

Subtitles: Dimple Lydia

Produced by Kshitij Sheetak

Backed by Shoot Guru

link: https://youtu.be/qnewdVdQZgU

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