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Assam’s Struggle for Survival

Assam Floods nearly shook us amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

It has been reported that more than 48 lakh people are already affected and more than 79 people have died in 30 districts. Every year the state of Assam is hit by floods but the conditions which have been created by this year’s floods have triggered are very alarming.

At least 2678 villages are submerged under the flood water and around 1,16,404 hectares of crop areas have been damaged by the deluge across the state. The Local’s homes are submerged underwater and they are going through obstacles, difficulties, and a lot of hassles as they have to cope up with the crisis in order to survive. From roads, bridges, buildings, houses, food, and livestock, everything has been damaged creating a very difficult scenario for the common people to survive given that they haven’t had any source of income over the past 3 months due to the lockdown that has been announced in lieu of Covid-19.

As it was believed earlier that the floods are important in revitalizing the grasslands of Kaziranga National Park, but as of now almost 90% of Kaziranga is inundated with the floodwaters and animals are left with nowhere to go. As the park is submerged, more than 108 wild animals including at least Nine rare Rhinos have died due to recent flooding. To our surprise, now the floods are killing more One-Horned Rhinos than poachers.

In the time where clogged drains during heavy monsoon rains can result in casualties in the country's capital Delhi; then this is a natural calamity through which the locals at Assam, a state in India’s North-East region which isn’t as developed as compared to other states that are struggling through just to survive.

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