Ehsaas - Episode 3: Niyati Sharma

A feeling of negativity is what we find in us Indians when we talk or discuss about sex. Is it correct to be deemed so? It is said that we Indians believe in ‘lajja’, hence discussing this is a taboo.

In a country that reports high rates of teenage pregnancies and sexual abuse, one would think that the need for a curriculum focusing on gender equality, the importance of consent, and boundaries, would not be a matter of debate. The reality, however, is that sexuality education for adolescents is a highly controversial topic in India. It is seen as offensive to Indian values and concerns that it might lead to risky sexual behaviour and promiscuity.

Helping children understand their psychological and physical changes will certainly help them to have healthy intimate relationships when they grow up. The power of knowledge which they will then use to protect themselves!

In Ehsaas Episode 3, Niyati Sharma, founder of Pratisandhi, shares what it means to introduce sex-education in Indian schools, why is it necessary and the importance of making children aware of the sensation.

We live in a society where a male child is told to man up from a very young age, not to be sensitive and a female child is told that they are too sensitive. Therefore, when a girl grows up, she tries to bottle up her feelings and sensations, confused about what is happening to her body,

and in fear that she will be judged by people around her. This is where Pratisandhi comes in- to promote conversations, dialogue, and awareness of sexual health and education in India.

Director Of Photography: Saket Wahane

Production: Akshita Rawat, Ruchi Roy, Vishnu Sharma

Post Production: Srijith Babu, Akshita Singhal, Shiva Singh

Subtitles: Suyash Purohit, Rajat Srivastava

Background Score: Cryptic

Illustration: Katie Carey, Madeline Synder, Ashley Lukashevsky

Produced By: Kshitij Sheetak

Backed By: Shoot Guru

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