Five People you need to read on this National Mountain Climbing Day

People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.”– Sir Edmund Hillary, legendary mountaineer

National Mountain Climbing Day now this is something extraordinary. Did you know it was established in honour of Bobby Mathews, and his friend Josh Madigan, for successfully climbing the 46 High Peaks of New York State’s the Adirondack Mountains?

On this day I would like to share 5 incredible stories of some extraordinary mountaineers:-


Let me introduce you to an adventure enthusiast and mother of two Anshul Jamsenpa: The First Indian woman to scale Mt Everest twice in 5 days also that made her the only woman in the world to achieve the feat within five days. She is the first Indian woman to scale the top peak five times. Anshu has also been training mountaineers and has trained over 3,000 aspirants at her own capacity.


Meet the youngest person in the world who scale the seven tallest peaks and seven volcanic summits in all continents and set the World Record - Satyarup Siddhanta. He is the only Indian to scale “Seven Summits and Seven Volcanic Summits” And now his next goal is to reach the North Pole and complete Adventurers’ (or Explorers’) Grand Slam. This comprises reaching the two poles and summiting Mount Everest. We hope he continues to set path-breaking records !!

3. Shivangi PATHAK

Hisar Girl proves that women can conquer every hurdle to achieve their target, this is 17 years old Shivangi Pathak- India’s youngest Everest summiteer. She has only one mission in life - she wants to conquer every mountain on this beautiful planet. We wish her All The Best for her future.


It is not uncommon even today to see girls being encouraged to sit still and be polite, while boys are not only allowed but expected to be boisterous and rowdy. There are many professions and careers that are still a male bastion. Even in the DEVELOPED NATIONS. But Bachendri Pal is a mountaineer who made History by becoming the first Indian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1984.


He began mountaineering when he was 10-years-old and became the Third Youngest Person to scale Mount Everest at the age of 16 and at the age of 24 he became World’s Youngest to scale 8 Peaks over 8K meter. Even the coronavirus didn't stop Arjun from chasing his Everest dreams once again as he came up with a unique challenge - “ Har Ghar Mein Everest Challenge” during the lockdown. He completed the challenge by going up and down 324 times his 20th-floor building in Noida to cover a long distance 29,035 ft which is approximately the height of Mt Everest.

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