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Five things should be done by every Sibling on this Rakhi to Eternity

Every year, Hindu families who live in India or other countries do celebrate Rakhi/ Raksha Bandhan. If I define Rakhi in a simpler term, then it is a kind of ritual where a girl ties a thread around her brother’s wrist and he takes a pledge to protect her from any evil.

Now, after seeing a lot of rituals like putting tilak, receiving and giving gifts, money, food, sweets, I feel a few things should be done by siblings.

I am a girl, I am someones’ sister, I am someone’s cousin and I think this is the time. This is the time for a sibling to sibling talk.

Get up and stop whining about why your sibling is bothering you.

Here are five things that should be done by every sister/sibling out there from this Rakhi till Eternity:

  • Stop being toxic

Yes. You heard me right. Anyone can be toxic. You being a chirpy, open-minded, doesn’t mean you can’t be toxic. This Rakhi, your sibling might need you more than ever. You can be a helping hand rather being a pain in the ass.

  • Make your parent more understanding

Everyone’s parent is not cool. They need time like a million years to understand simple subjects like sexuality. Your brother/sister or someone might be going through some changes, transitions, bullying, depression anything or nothing. You need to take a stand and support them.

  • Rakhi is just a thread

Take Rakhi just as a thread. It is not something else. Everyone has their own lives. Just because you have tied a thread, he doesn’t become a superman for you. He is not. Solve your issues.

  • Always compliment

You know more about him/her/them than any other average people, even more than your parent. So whenever you find a reason, why not give it a call? Why not clap and applaud?

  • Come out of Saviour Complex

Please while taking care of all these things also learn about “personal space”. There is a thin line. Learn to respect that. You need to do your own business if you are not needed. You are not a saviour and you are not needed every time. So, keep calm.

So, as a non-festive person, I don’t celebrate any festival but I do celebrate happiness. I will say, please eat, talk and enjoy the day as much as you want. Spend your time as you like. Be safe and be happy.

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