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How to be the BEST at-home work habits in this Quarantine?

Written By: Chavvi


You can’t be productive everyday, I agree with that. But spend an hour at least on yourself doing something worthwhile . At first when we all were instructed to work from home , I think we all can say we were a bit excited. People could stay at home with all of their family members, stay in their pj’s and work from the couch. I remember the first week of quarantine, I was totally inspired by the idea of being forced to stay indoors!

As the quarantine progressed and the virus became more serious worldwide, we all began to feel uninspired about what our future would hold. We started missing our friends,workouts at the gym and much more . It became a whole new world indeed !

Deep down we all knew that it was necessary to make some changes in our daily routine and work habits to overcome this lack of motivation. Leonardo DA Vinci once said, “While you are alone you are entirely your own master “. Now that several weeks have passed, i’d share my new at-home work habits to help those who haven’t found their groove yet!


Working from home is definitely NOT an easy task, especially if you are used to an office , school or college environment. But which environment actually allows us to be more productive : the home office or the office office ? It's so easy to get distracted by the TV, social media, your pets , and the unlimited access to your snacks.

The very first step to success when working from home is to CREATE a schedule and STICK TO IT. Try to mirror the daily or weekly schedule that you maintained , even including time gaps for breaks and meals . Set your clock everyday , shower, hair and change into your “OOTD”( Outfit of the day ).

Small things add up, become a habit which eventually help you achieve your goals.


Wearing or surrounding yourself with certain colors can help enhance your mood and even help you to boost your productivity and creativity !

  • YELLOW is energizing and can help you feel more positive and boost your confidence.

  • BLUE is soothing and can help you calm your mind and improve concentration.

  • GREEN evokes harmony and provides a sense of calmness and reassurance .

  • RED is stimulating and can get your heart pumping better enabling you to deal with high-stress situations.


Choose a dedicated work space ! When it's time to work,work! Stay off your phone , don’t surf the net, leave personal texts and phone calls for your breaks, and limit your trips to the kitchen for snacks. Having a designated space to work helps a lot, whether it be the dining room table or a dedicated room in your house but try not to work from your bed because you’ll end up taking a nap , haha.


Feeling sexy even in sweats is possible !! Your working-from-home outfit doesn’t necessarily mean dressing up, but definitely change out of your PJ’s and into another set of clothes to signify that it's time to start your workday.

A QUICK TIP FOR ALL THE LADIES OUT THERE - Wearing high- waist leggings really shapes you nicely and is a mood booster and can make you feel more confident.

Hopefully these tips will help you find your working –from-home rhythm and you can continue to crush it like a boss b*itch!

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