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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

The moment a person in a country like India makes acting as a career choice. The very first reply which a person receives from our society is “So, you think you can be the next Shahrukh Khan? Huh?“.

This is a scenario of a person who is not even facing a single physical or mental challenge in their lives. Now, imagine if the same career choice is made by a person suffering from a physical deformity like cleft lips.

A deformity which is a big hurdle in an actor’s speech and personality. Yet this man has the courage and passion to pursue his career in acting.

In Ehsaas: Episode 6 - Story of a Special Actor we introduce you to Mr. Dheeraj Agarwal. The man who is ready to take every challenge which life throws at him to fulfill his dreams. Now, before I start telling you about him and his life challenges. Let me tell you some fun facts about acting.

Starting from the definition of acting “Acting means to ACT” that’s it. No babbling or chatting about this art form. Dancers use their feet to dance, Singers use their throat to sing and actors use their mind to act.

If a person is mentally fit and is passionate enough to train their mind in a certain way THEY CAN ACT!!! Acting is just like any other school or college subject. Some students are born genius in every field of life let it be studying, painting, sports, music, etc. even in acting. But if you are determined to learn and you strive for it. Your hard work can get you equivalent to the greatest talents of the world, in fact, even better than them in some cases.

Indian definition of an actor is the person should be good looking, charming, these days should even have six-pack abs but believe me, guys no one would like to see a person with six-pack abs in the role of Gandhi !! There is always a different requirement for every different role out there and there is always a special role awaiting for every special actor to leave their imprints on the celluloid of silver screens when the time comes

So PLeaSe SToP DeMoRaLiSiNG PeoPLe ARouND You WHo Wish iN THeiR HeaRTS To BeCoMe.


Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about Dheeraj or may be ummmm…...you can just watch the episode for that :D

Cast and Crew

Director Of Photography: Saket Wahane

Production: Akshita Singhal, Pravin Basnet, Vishnu Sharma

Post Production: Honey Wadhwani, Arushi Garg

Subtitles: Akshita Rawat

Background Score: INKARNATE

Produced By: Kshitij Sheetak

Backed By: Shoot Guru

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