Ehsaas - Episode 9: Story of a Teacher - Akash Tandon

‘Education is the only key to build a good human being.’ This is the mantra Akash Tandon and his team of volunteers are following.

Akash Tandon, one of the founding members of Delhi’s Pehchaan – The Street School, in Ehsaas Episode 9: Story of a Teacher tells us why more than an initiative, Pehchaan is just a beautiful thought to help underprivileged slum children get back their identity.

It was behind the high-rise WHO (World Health Organization) building in Delhi,

they came across a slum which stayed put for decades without having the privilege of basic necessities. This was such a stark contrast that everyone from the metro station looks at it but chooses to ignore this section of society. they knew that we had to do something about it and that is how the thought of empowering these children with education took shape.

In the time when education is a ‘privilege’ in this country, giving underprivileged children the power of education will surely bring a smile to your face too. There are many children who are devoid of education because of the burden of poverty on them. Thankfully, there are some people in our society that work towards providing equal opportunities for everyone.

Director Of Photography: Sushant Sharma, Saket Wahane

Production: Ruchi Roy

Post Production: Arushi Garg, Shiva Singh

Subtitles: Akshita Rawat

Sound: Devendra Kumavat, Pravin Basnet

Produced By: Kshitij Sheetak

Backed By: Shoot Guru

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