Is Hinduism in Danger ?

What is Hinduism? Why is it in danger?

Hinduism is what we call it today as the Hindu religion, Sanatan Dharam. Sanatan means eternal, which means this religion has existed since the beginning of the time. Over a while, we have heard and read various definitions of this religion. But none of us know of what exactly this religion is all about.

It’s absolutely fine for anyone not to know their own religion or any religion. Well, if in case there is a sudden wish in you to know about Hinduism, we urge you to only consult experts on this subject otherwise you can spend your whole life believing in hoaxes and WhatsApp forwards.

Now, another concept or question here arises is how one should know the person to whom they are consulting is an SME(Subject Matter Expert) in Hinduism?

One very basic philosophy on which the entire Hinduism operates is “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means, “the world is one family”. In this context, this philosophy is not just trying to say that only the humans which exist on this planet are a part of one family, but it is also trying to tell us that every living or non-living being whether inside or outside of this galaxy is a part of one family.

So, if you meet any Hinduistic person who calls himself or herself an expert of Hindu religion and tries to fill your heart with any kind of hatred or tries to teach you concepts like selfishness or self-centeredness, they are violating the very basic principle of this religion and you must leave that place at once without giving it a second thought.

Hence, this is how and why Hinduism is in danger.

Firstly, it is in danger by the people who call themselves Hindu religion experts and do not know real facts about it. And secondly, by the people who have half knowledge about it because as they say, “half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge”

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