Nazaria - Book 6: Story of Partition

“Once one daughter of Punjab wept, And you wrote your long saga; Today thousands weep, (I’m) calling to you Waris Shah”

In August 1947 Separate states of Pakistan and India were born. Muslim majority country Pakistan and Hindu majority country India. Within days of partition, some of the worst sectarian violence in India’s history occurs. Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs scrambling to get to their side of new borders clash, leaving an estimated one million dead.

Like Rampysari, Dayanand Verma, Saroj Verma, millions of Hindu, Muslims, and Sikhs left their ancestral home, school, college, job, friends and came to their new country. Many migrated to the UK, US. And their migration has enriched the US and the UK. And added our flavor to their culture. But the journey was not easy. Few walked for weeks to reach their destination, without food, water to drink. Few died after drinking poisonous water. They could not bring many belongings, only a few clothes to wear. Some people in Pakistan were really helpful. They helped Hindus to go to India safely. But some behaved very ill.

Before partition people used to live together happily, celebrating each other's festivals. They played together, grown up together. Even now if you visit your old places in Pakistan, you might not find any difference. After all, we are all the same. Same traditions, same values, and the same culture. Just divided by borders.

A film by Ruchi Roy

Special thanks to Srishti Manchanda Nisha Ghai Naveen Singh Sangwan Kiran Zita Director of Photography: Sushant Sharma Camera: Srishti Manchanda, Hani Wadhwani B-Roll: Archives (Google) Production: Ruchi Roy, Akshita Rawat, Arushi Garg, Hani Wadhwani Post Production: Ruchi Roy Subtitles: Hani Wadhwani, Arushi Garg Sound Design: Ruch Roy, Pravin Basnet Mixing and Mastering: INKARNATE Produced by Kshitij Sheetak Backed by Shoot Guru

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