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Ehsaas Episode 13 - Story of a Transqueen 2019

Third Gender constitutes one of the most marginalized communities in India. Battling stigma and multilayered forms of violence, ranging from the sexual to the physical, they are often left with no livelihood options other than begging, sex work or collecting money from families celebrating weddings or the arrival of a newborn.

“If you have the ability to touch the sky, you will.” Nithu RS has proved it.

Nithu RS belongs to the city of Bengaluru. After pursuing BBA and animation diploma, Nithu eventually became a tattoo artist. She is also an entrepreneur who owns three tattoo studios, one beauty salon and a hotel. She is a dancer too. She’d been crowned Miss Trans Queen India in 2019. She has won various awards and prizes, as well as the golden opportunity to represent India at the beauty pageant for Miss International Queen 2020.

The queens are not just about beauty but agents of change. They are doing work on the ground level. They are celebrating the success of their own trans sister. They now understand that a transwoman winner is not just an individual but a representative of the community.

A film by Dimple Lydia

Director of Photography: Sushant Sharma

Camera: Vishnu Sharma, Aniket Shinde, Pratik Mahant, Dimple Lydia, Anmol Saluja, Rohit Sharma, Dipankar Kumar, Pulkit Chowbe

Pre Production: Ruchi Roy, Akshita Rawat, Hani Wadhwani

Edited by: Pulkit Chowbe, Dipankar Kumar, Dimple Lydia

Subtitles: Ananya Roy

Produced By Kshitij Sheetak

Backed by Shoot Guru

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