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One Year of Negligence in Jammu & Kashmir

Belonging to a country that claims freedom yet I see people travelling to and fro with fear, it claims equality yet I see people stuck with 2g connections in the era where the rest are enjoying 4g connectivity, it claims justice yet I see people struggling to even talk their heart out without getting the tag of Anti-National. This is Jammu and Kashmir, India’s Paradise that was stripped of its special status on August 5, 2019, as the Parliament abrogated Article 370 and 35A.

Ahead of that historic August 5 decision, all the security measures were in place to quell any public revolt. Troops were in every nook to impose a tough curfew which still remains unchanged. Before midnight, a complete communication blockade was enforced. Mobile phones, the internet and even landlines were snapped and one long year of negligence. No one had thought that it may well be the end of J&K state, its Constitution and Article 370.

One year on, there is no fear of losing anything - because there is nothing left to lose. The burden of special status is gone. This day redefined everything for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The economy, education, social and political structures have crumbled. A year later, the promised thousands of jobs have not materialized. In fact, J&K is facing one of its worst-ever unemployment crisis. The imposition of the two-day curfew in Kashmir in the wake of the first anniversary, while the entire nation is busy celebrating the iconic ‘Ram Mandir Nirman’ at the Ram Janam Bhoomi Ayodhya, speaks out loud about what needs to be understood.

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