Post Corona Shoot Precautions

Updated: May 24, 2020

Curated by - Lumix Trainer Hitesh Vig

We all are heading towards the end of Quarantine period and to bring back our economy that lapsed in this time our industry unfortunately has no other option rather than to start shooting again. But I hope all of us are aware that the Quarantine period has ended but not the virus so we need to take care while shooting post-quarantine.

As a Photography community we are the most susceptible to Covid-19, as we attend Public events, documenting the social ceremonies, religious ceremonies, photographic festivals and in today’s time we travel across the world documenting anything and everything. We are also the Photo journalists reporting from ground zero.

Here are few tips that would be handy in taking care of your personal hygiene as well as the equipment hygiene, to maintain safety.

  • When you use your camera through viewfinder, it touches your Nose and Mouth so it becomes a susceptible equipment to pass on ‘Microbes’ Covid-19.

  • Avoid sharing equipment amongst the team and stick to your personal equipment.

  • Rather than using the viewfinder you can use the tilt screen, it will give you an ease of shooting Top angles as well as low angle shots and avoid the contact.

  • In case you are using viewfinder please wear masks at that time.

  • In case you exchange lenses as a team, do wash or sanitise your hands after changing the lenses.

  • As photographer’s we travel across the world today, so diligently report your health to health professionals in case you have travelled abroad recently.

  • Clean your camera from outside frequently using disinfectant spray’s available in the market or using an alcohol swab. Don’t worry your camera is weather proof in case of Lumix.

  • Attach a UV Filter in front of Lens and clean that using solutions available.

  • Do not use your breath to moisten the camera lens in lieu to cleaning it.

  • Rather than passing the equipment to review the content shot with the client, better use Lumix Sync App to transfer the images on your smartphone and share the images for review.

  • Also in case any of your lenses or equipment has developed fungus while working in Humid and moist regions, do get it serviced as it is living ground for microbes.

  • Follow the guidelines issued by Ministry of Health and Family Affairs diligently.

We care for our industry and thus we hope they stay safe and healthy even while shooting.

Happy Shooting, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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