Story of Mr. Gay World

What has the first thought come in your mind when you get to know a person is gay or lesbian?

Some people make fun of them, some people may criticize them, some may hate them, some people may judge them, or some people might just ignore them and sadly most of them are from our young generation.

In Ehsaas- Episode 8: Story of a Mr. Gay World we introduce you Anwesh Sahoo, who is Mr. Gay World 2016. Let us go through his inspiring yet interesting story.

We live in a society who is very judgemental, they even judge the person’s sexuality. Huh, why don’t they get that this is something Personal, nobody has no right to say anything about it? People can’t force anything on others just because they have it in their heads that it is against the “culture”.

The sad part about all this is that we still live in a world where most people choose to lock their sexuality in closets. Which is a sad world to live in?

Anwesh Sahoo, a guy who decided to embrace his sexuality and took over the world. Today, he is the youngest winner of Mr Gay World- India and is known popularly for his confidence.

To know more about Anwesh Sahoo and his journey, watch the Ehsaas - Episode 8: Story of Mr. Gay World - Anwesh Sahoo

Director Of Photography: Sushant Sharma

Camera: Vishnu Sharma

Post Production: Akshita Rawat, Ruchi Roy, Shiva Singh

Subtitles: Akshita Rawat

Sound: Devendra Kumavat

Produced By: Kshitij Sheetak

Backed By: Shoot Guru

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