Sushant Singh Rajput's Statement on Nepotism

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death has indeed left his fans in a deep state of shock. The talented 34 years old died by suicide in his Bandra house on 14th June 2020. Since then there have been many speculations with respect to his death some people suggest it was due to his ongoing depression, some say it was due to some business rivalry, whereas some people believe that despite being one of the most talented actors in this country the Bollywood biggies made him feel like an outsider.

Yes, you got it right…..NEPOTISM

We do not know what was the reason for his death but due to this incident, one thing has surely filled his fans with rage is the existence of “nepotism” in Bollywood. According to a certain group of people “nepotism” is a very very normal phenomenon and exists everywhere, I do agree with this but we need to understand that in certain places nepotism just cannot exist.

Everyone absolutely gets it, well why any powerful person wouldn’t make use of their position to benefit people close to them. But in certain areas nepotism affects the complete dynamic of our nation. Like Sushant mentioned in one of his interviews

“Nepotism is there and is there, it’s everywhere. It’s just not in Bollywood, So, yeah you can’t do anything about it. Nepotism can co-exist and nothing would happen, at the same time if you deliberately don’t allow the right talents to come up. Then there is a problem, then the whole structure of the industry will collapse one day”

Taking the example of Bollywood, if Bollywood is ruled only by a certain group of people in our nation, only a certain group decides what kind of art exists in our nation. It won’t be a very healthy practice to move forward with. It won’t allow new talents to come up, It won’t allow new perspectives to come in and it won’t allow India to show it’s true colors. Such practices also lead to huge economic gaps, the rich would get richer and richer..... as fresh talents don't even get a chance to prove themselves.

Also, the talent standards in our country would only be controlled by a certain group of people. Like Sushant rightly said, nepotism can co-exist, so we can keep raising the bar of our Bollywood industry. Because automatically it would be affecting our nation’s image at the world cinema platforms.

Sushant’s death has started a new social media war against the nepotistic Bollywood rulers with #boycottkaranjohar petition. Sushant’s close relatives have also launched a new app called “Nepotistics” to stop people from watching Bollywood films with nepotistic influences. If the people currently on the protest are successful in making this happen (although we all know Indian habits and of course these online petitions are like cutting a water squirt with a scissor) the system will collapse because making movies is an expensive affair and all the money is held by the big guns in Bollywood. People will stop watching their films, they will stop investing in films and the whole process just simply ends...

So, we can clearly say Sushant very well understood the dynamics of this industry

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