How to achieve a cinematic look with your Mirrorless cameras?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

What makes a film Cinematic, it's the story, the shots, the music and of course to achieve all of that, it's the gear. Lenses play an important to achieve that cinematic feel. Choosing the best lens for your camera is a very crucial step for your next cinematic projects. But finding one is not that easy, so we at Shoot Guru have tried our hands on the Professional Micro 4/3 Cinema Lens by DzoFilm.

For fulfilling your needs to Shoot cinematic Films in a budget Dzofilm 10-24 T 2.9 Lens is the one you are looking for. The lens is designed in a way that lets you maintain focus on the subject when you zoom in and out from 10 to 24. Overall you can see minimal focus change allowing to keep the consistent zoom range.

Also, the most amazing thing we like about the lens is it's Near Zero Breathing space, allowing for decent expression through images. It provides the user with a rounded highlight which is created due to the 12 Blade iris which also helps us to create beautiful bokeh. Standing out to its cine design it provides the user with 270° rotation and 26 focus marks along with the range.

It's a manual lens that comes with the manual focus, manual aperture and manual zoom plus it comes with a back focus which allows adjusting the focus of the lens according to the camera flange. It performs amazingly well at F2.9, it doesn't create any abbreviation or distortion at the widest opening. It comes with an 80mm front diameter and a 100% zoom rotation. It has a complete metal body that has a two-sided focus scale with imperial and metric measurements.

So if you are looking for the best cinematic companion and running low on budget it's the best option you have, so do give this a try. Also if you have any doubts related to the same please let us know in the comment section.

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