• Kirti Sharma

In this Lockdown- Let's talk about Travelling

“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.”

Those moments mostly come in the life of a traveller. A life which is engaged between adventure, nature, mountains, thrill, and experience.

To roam on an unknown road, to explore new things, to discover new places, to meet new people. Doesn't it sound just amazing to go to an entirely new place with new people and create wonderful memories

But this is not all with exploration also comes fear, a fear of danger. Which is also faced by the traveller. But the urge of adventure, the urge of wanderlust doesn’t allow them to stop at any cost. They make every effort to reach the peak of the mountain. They make every effort to discover an undiscovered river. They make every effort to experience something which is not known to most of the humans.

Travelling is like an addiction once you get addicted there is no looking back. Your perception of looking at the world will change and your perspective towards people would also change.

Once you fall in love with the beauty of nature. Only then you know how irresistible it is. Your soul gets healed instinctively by nature. Whether you are a traveller or not, just try a solo trip to explore nature in its raw form and create some lifetime memories.

Life is short and this world is wide. So, make a wish list of places you always imagined to travel and fulfil your WANDERLUST….

DOP: Sushant Sharma, Saket Wahane

Camera: Dimple Lydia

Production: Hani Wadhwani Footage

Courtesy: Sarthak Ahuja, Avantika, Isa Khan

Post Production: Pravin Basnet, Ruchi Roy

Background Score: Pravin Basnet

Produced by: Kshitij Sheetak

Backed by: Shoot Guru

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