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What is the truth behind Marriage of Periyar with his "daughter"?

There are lot many rumours are flying around the world about many significant people. And not every rumour holds water. We will see one rumour at one time and we will try to see why it came up and what truth it holds.

From Nehru to Kennedy and from Gandhi to Marilyn Monroe, everyone has their own history. And fame brings shame along with it so, is everything an illusion or there is something to ponder upon?

What is the truth behind Marriage of Periyar with his daughter?

In 1948, EV Ramasamy aka Periyar married Maniammai. She was 31 years old and Periyar was 72 years old by their actual birth years which were 1917 and 1879, respectively.

So, it said most of the time that Periyar married 25 years old girl in his last days.

The truth is- Maniammai was not just a random girl whom Periyar picked up and married. She joined the Dravidar Kazhagam in her twenties and she was one of the most loyal supporters of Periyar. She was one of the close aides of Periyar.

Periyar and Maniammai

The man who had an altogether different set of principals to live life, how could he have taken such decision without any reason?

Periyar (Left) with Karunanidhi (right)

Periyar was not in his good health. He knew that and before his demise, he had to find someone who could carry his principals. He knew most of the organisation members wanted to go in politics but he was adamant about not joining politics. Finally, he chose Maniammai as his successor. He couldn’t just transfer power to her as neither she was related to him nor any bloodline relation.

“He could have adopted her”

This is the most heard argument. At that point in time, only adopted son could be your successor, not Daughter. So, there was no point in adopting Maniammai.

And after too much of criticism, Maniammai married Periyar. They had no kids. Periyar died after a few years.

I could have listed many things and anecdotes about Maniammai but this blog is just for the hoax and the truth.

I finally conclude that- This rumour is a hoax because Maniammai was not Periyar’s daughter and she was not 25 either. He married her because of the reasons given in the blog.

Even if it is not enough to satisfy your guts, you should check with a doctor.

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