Why All men?

Being a man, I want to talk about #allmenaretrash, #aminext?

Through these hashtags, I want to highlight the point that we as men should take responsibility and accountability for everything that has been going around.

The simple fact that #allmenaretrash. You know what, most of the men defending anything by stating #notallmen before even listening to what another person is going through.

Yes, not all lions kill humans but it doesn't mean if you see a lion while jogging in the park you won't run for your life. Someone once posted about the fact that not all snakes are venomous, but that doesn't prevent you from being wary of them.

Men pose the number one threat in the lives of women. With everyday rape news to the cases of murder in anger, there is no end to this threat. They are scared to go out at night. They are scared to go in a cab, they are scared to even wear the clothes of their choices.

Imagine how terrifying a girl would be to go on a date. To meet the tinder guy. How frightening it would be before saying no to the guy just not to get murdered or get raped just because she said no to him. Can you imagine?

well no, you can't, and that is the privilege we get.

What can we do as men? Let's start by acknowledging the fact that we are failing as men. It should be our personal accountability. We need to understand that we are socially privileged and this privilege is the reason that other genders are getting mistreated.

The smallest act of sexism will make the world worse for others. Your laugh on forwarded misogynistic jokes, you cheating on your girlfriend and lying to them, flirting with girls who are not interested or flaunting your "conquest" story among friends. Or just being silent while other men disrespect women. All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.

As long as there are men out there who pose a threat to the lives of women, every one of us will be trash.

#MenAreTrash and #SoAmI #women #female #men #feminism #equality #patriarchy #man #indianman

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