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Why filmmakers need to watch CoCo

“Coco”- Oscar for the best-animated movie (2017)

Why watch this movie?

  • It is a movie that talks about the bond and love a family shares.

  • The land of the dead is depicted very beautifully. And the musical journey shown all together is like an icing on the cake.

  • This is the story of a boy who goes through a world of fantasy to follow his passion for “music”.


  • Miguel pursues his love for singing in spite of his family's ban on music. He stumbles into the Land of the Dead, where he learns about his great-great-grandfather who was a legendary singer.


  • The movie delivers moments of cinematic diligence and playful pop-culture erudition. Colorful, beautifully animated, and culturally sensitive,” coco” is a movie which has got learning for every age group.

  • Coco is also about merging the best of modern VFX with ancient tradition.

  • Editors Lee Unkrich (the director himself) and Steve Bloom did a great job when it comes to performance, story structure, modulation, and pacing throughout the film.

  • Christopher Boyes and his sound editors created a sonic landscape(a musical composition characterized by the building up of layers of sound to form a densely textured work, especially in electronic music) and did a gorgeous, authentic job.

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