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Why Gandhi was not My Mahatma

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a racist, casteist and disillusioned person who used to live in his La La Land.

He might have given a MANTRA of “AHIMSA” (Non-Violence) to the whole world but he also said- Hey, what is the issue in not appropriating the old Vedic Varna System?

I know many of you will question me that does this writer even know what is the Varna system? What is Hinduism? What are the real Vedic writings? No. I don’t know and you don’t know that too, probably.

But, I know M.K. Gandhi was not a Saint. He was a flawed man like all of us so, you have to admit it.

Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru had to beg Attenborough not to turn Gandhi into a saint. He was "much too human,"

First thing, we all know his infamous book, The Story of My Experiments with Truth where he extensively wrote about his obsession with sex. He wrote how he had sex with his wife when his father was on death bed. But nowhere he mentioned if, he ever took permission from Ba to write all those triggering things.

There was no experiment and there was no truth at all in that book but only erotic stories of any normal teenager boy, goodie character confessions with good endings but again No TRUTH at all.

He specifically wrote his confession of him going to prostitutes at his young age but he never had sex because of “good fortune or luck or good deeds”.

He had so much lust for his wife's body that instead of getting her educated he made sure that she always remained at house doing only household chores.

Now, this is something which he had already confessed but in the end, he became the good boy or Hero as per INDIAN BOLLYWOOD CINEMA script.

What he did not write was- He used slurs for Africans.

He begged white people to treat Indians differently than “Kaffirs”. As per Mahatma Gandhi, Indians were not like Native Africans or Savages.

‘Kaffir’ is an extremely derogatory term used to describe the indigenous Afrikan/Black people of uMzantsi Afrika (South Africa), and Gandhi was aware that the term was as derogatory as the term ‘Coolie’, which was applied to Indians and to which he took much offence (See Willem Adolf Joubert and T. Johan Scott (1981). The Law of South Africa, vol. 6. Cape Town Berea: Butterworths, pp. 251–254.).

He believed sex existed only to procreate and never to enjoy, a view that his political ally Jawaharlal Nehru found “unnatural and shocking”. But, around 1947, M.K Gandhi used to sleep with a 19-year-old caretaker Manu to check his sexual boundaries but he kept it private. He never had any sexual intercourse with anyone ever but he used to test his celibacy. He regretted it later but what one could do?

He was a supporter of a Varna system but Varna system itself never constitutes everyone. That is why he started the vague term. And then he himself portrayed as a champion of women’s rights but his own wife was devoid of all rights and studies. Their relationship was just nothing. It was only glorified by the old Historian “Guha”. Not a single letter was exchanged in those six years of solitude when Gandhi went to London to study but yes Ba and Gandhi were love birds? How?

Finally, the infamous book, Story of My Experiments with Truth was so untruthful as he never apologised for those acts. How could just be a Mahatma for the whole world? Just with a flick of a Laathi?

There is a need to call out. There is a need to read all this propaganda which were written in the name of self-righteousness. There is a need to examine such acts rationally.

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