Why is Indian Journalism in danger ?

“Journalists are the conscience of a nation”

Journalism is a crucial element in the social, political and cultural system of a society. A journalist presents information so people can form opinions and make prudent decisions.

Watch what some of the journalists expose the current situation of Indian Journalism to be:

This video talks about real issues prevalent in Indian Journalism. Speakers in the film are Anurag Tripathi who is an Ex-Tehelka reporter and he is famous for his investigative journalism over the Ram Rahim scandal.

The second one is Revati Laul who is famous for writing a book on the 2002 Gujarat Riot (Book name). She is known for her writings and reports that she did in 2002 and post 2002.

Shahbaz Ansar is a very young journalist from The Print. He calls himself a MoJo journalist. He is known for his questioning and sarcastic takes.

While journalism has grown in size, a matter of concern is that press freedom is questioned by all and India has slipped to the 140th position in terms of press freedom. Insulting journalism and name-calling have become a trend.

The media is no longer able to adequately hold the government to scrutiny. In an era of fake news and low trust in the media, an enfeebled class of journalists could eventually lead to a weakening of the very democracy that defines modern India.

However, in the last few years, it has become a more dangerous profession as well. In the last five years, 40 journalists have been killed.

Democracy may be very powerful in its own terms and conditions but is not fully efficient in working without media, especially the free press. The media acts as a bridge between the government and the people. But, most of the media houses are owned by the industrialists and are politically biased. If we need the freedom of the press, people should contribute and help this nation's journalism to its peak.

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