Why is it called - The Water of Love!!

There is a myth in the residents of Panna that if a couple has problems in their relationship, they drink the love water of the Pandava falls and love nourishes back. Amidst the beauty of Panna Tiger reserve lies a natural water spring that never dies. The Pandav fall is fed by the tributary of river Ken in Madhya Pradesh. The water finds its way to Heart-Shaped pool from a height of 30 meters. These are named Pandav Falls as Pandavas Of Mahabharata had to spend a part of their exile in the caves here.

One of the 15 stories that we did for MP Tourism includes the beauty and essence of Pandav falls. They say shooting travel is never knowledgeable but believe me with guides and locals it gives us so much knowledge about the place and its history that it takes you back to the time when these incidents took place. While shooting the Pandav Falls we meet a guide who told us about the history of the falls, and about the Love water. He also enlightened us about, why it was called the Pandav Caves.

On Shoot:

As you will see in the video the place was pretty pleasant and beautiful to shoot. Looking at the beauty of the location we ended up overshooting it. That's a problem because it's a place where you can't charge your batteries again, so due to overshooting you might lose the best moment. Plus while traveling you are restricted with luggage and equipment and dumping data daily is a must so it can fill up your Hard Drives too. According to the Shot list, we were supposed to shoot the sunset but due to lack of local knowledge, we were unaware of the time as the place inches of mountains and forests, so we missed that one shot.

We were shooting since morning at an indoor location we were in our comfort attire and we left for the Shoot, a few of the crew members Forgot to change to proper shoes. The place was super slippery due to water near it one of our DOPs almost fell off the stairs. So while shooting travel always remember to carry comfortable attire and proper shoes, or else you will be left with shoe bites and irritation.

If you look at the video we tried to take the interview while walking as our director wanted to create that essence. Taking a handheld interview is probably impossible to carry a tripod is another task, so gimbal comes to your rescue it helps to take a stable interview while walking too. According to our Shot-list temple was the main attraction of the movie but as we reached the location it looked so different from the pictures we had from the sources but the waterfall was so beautiful that it saved our trip. So the story not always go as desired, but as our project head says "We should always have Plan B" and here our plan B was the waterfall.

From the Director Desk:

One of the easy shoots was Pandava Falls. We had already seen the footage of that area as it was a natural place and open for everyone. We had the story in hand. When we went there, our executive Producer Mandakini Malla asked me if we have any narrator for the story. Initially, I had this thought of making it without any narration. But, She suggested us to find a person who can narrate it. And with her help, we found a local guide who helped us with the location and whole story.

Of course, once we went there, the place was the same we saw before in multiple videos and photos. But, the only issue is you don’t know what kind of shots will fit in the story because now it is not scripted not written.

We asked multiple questions to cover multiple versions of the famous Falls and we got a few new points of which we had no idea.

The place was scenic so it was easy to create natural shots in natural light and we were with Mandakini who has years of experience in travel & nature shoots.

On the edit, the storyline was different than the shots. So, we tried different shots at different chunks. We made at least 10 versions of this video with different storylines and shots.

Finally, after a while, we finalized the version.

Thus by the end of the day, we learned a few things:

  • Never to overshoot

  • Gather enough knowledge of the local timings

  • Locals are always the best people to talk to

  • Always carry good shoes

  • And last but not least always have a Plan B.

We hope this article helps you to plan things better for your next travel films because as they say Experience teaches you a lot here we are trying to teach you guys from our experience and mistakes. Happy Shooting!!

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